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50 Best Albums (or 3,780 Minutes Later)

I did it! I got through Pitchfork’s 50 Best Ambient Albums list. As mentioned in a previous post, my goal was to listen to an album every morning, which equates to 3,780 minutes (over 63 hours) of music. And the routine was divine. Morning Coffee + Reading + Music = Yes!

The Benefits of Music

Countless studies confirm the benefits of music on the brain, the body, and mood. For instance:

  • According to Harvard Health Publishing, “In every era of human history and in every society around the globe, music has allowed people to express their feelings and communicate with others. More than simply expressing emotions, music can alter them.”

  • And in this Time article, “Tracks with a slow tempo, gradual chord progressions and drawn-out notes tend to be calming, Levitin [a researcher] says, while chaotic and up-tempo music tends to have the opposite effect.”

What’s next?

I’m probably going to get through The 30 Best Dream Pop Albums with, yep, an album every morning with a cup of joe. Try it yourself by checking out Pitchfork’s Best Album archive.

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