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Book Review: Pamela Wilson Wants You To Blog

Are you unsure how to share your creative work online? Do you need a website? A blog? Or both? And how do you measure online success? Marketing specialist Pamela Wilson delivers the goods in her book Master Content Strategy: How to Maximize Your Reach & Boost Your Bottom Line Every Time You Hit Publish.

Who’s This Book For?

  • Creatives who want to learn more about sharing their work on websites/blogs

  • New bloggers and content writers

  • Established bloggers who need to (re)strategize and/or better advertise their posts

Blog Small

If you start a blog, smart small by posting once a week during your first year. According to Wilson, if you stick to this plan, you’ll have at least 52 posts you can market, repurpose, and archive in your second year.

But Blog What?

What you blog about, however, is a different story. Wilson’s own website is called BIG Brand System, and she suggests to find your version of BIG:

Your BIG is the reason you’re in business, and I urge you to identify this and find a way to keep it top of mind as you create your content. Your BIG can be anything that contributes meaning to your life.

My “BIG,” of course, is Wellness-ishness. Why it means so much to me is because I have a strong desire to help other creative people.

Key Takeaways (If you decide to blog)

  • Blog small your first year with at least 1 post a week Optimize text with visuals, such as adding timelines, videos, and photos

  • In your second year, repurpose older content or posts with updated thoughts, research, opinions, etc.

  • Use blog categories to help readers navigate your blog topics.

Example of blog categories from Wellness-ish-ness:

Learn More

Buy the book, check out Pamela Wilson’s marketing blog, and read similar posts in the ‘Show Your Work’ category of Wellness-ish-ness.


Wellness-ish-ness is a blog for creative hot messes created by D.A. Navoti. Read my bio and find me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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