Don't Beat Myself Up, Don't Beat Myself Up...

...are words I'm repeating on my lazy-bones Sunday: "Don't beat myself up."

I didn't follow my ultra marathon training schedule this weekend. Instead, I volunteered for Evergreen Trail Runs on Saturday and supported other runners. Then I worked all day Sunday on a grant application. Still, that oppressive voice in my head keeps beating myself up for not doing everything. That voice isn't realistic, is it?

There's this demanding maniac inside my brain whenever I fall out of line with my commitments. I've always had it, and it can create some incredible results. On the other hand, when the voice gets out of control, like this morning when I woke at 1:30AM worrying about my to-do list, my mood sours.

So I have a choice: be super serious about life, or....make this important chart about two major food groups:

Grrrr! Del Taco already made the Burrtaco! And there's a chain of restaurants with the same name. Patent no longer pending :-(