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Fight For Our Lives Debuts!

The Seattle community rallied in support for trans & queer people at Hugo House in Seattle, WA, for Fight For Our Lives, a new performance series in the Puget Sound area! And we raised over $900 for two stellar nonprofit organizations: Lambert House and Ingersoll Gender Center.

I'm incredibly thankful for our gracious host, Seattle icon Ade Connere (top left), and clockwise, writer Ray Stoeve, multidisciplinary artists Naa Akua and Amber Flame, writers Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Calvin Gimpelevich, Juan Jocom, and Callum Angus. Support these amazing artists and their incredible gifts!

Furthermore, kudos to these talented artists who showcased their creations at the event: Peyton Patchouli (not pictured but artwork top left), then clockwise, Nina Raizel, Clare Johnson's art, and Spencer McAfee-Gundrum. These folks were the cherry on top!

Lastly, shout out to Ruth Joffre, the other co-wrangler of Fight For Our Lives.

What's Next?

Fight For Our Lives will continue in spring 2020 to support another community who needs our allyship. Stay tuned! Until then, check out some photos I snapped at the event.

Ps. This is my wellness-ish-ness in practice: advocating, allying, and stepping back so others can step forward.

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