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Graphic Artist Malika Favre

I'm absolutely obsessed with Malika Favre's work. I recently read a short story from The New Yorker (who uses Favre's work a lot) and one of Favre's images was used alongside the story. From there, I couldn't help but Google-stalk the artist.

Her art is described as minimalistic yet colorful, and erotic. Lines and shadows are cleverly used. Adobe interviewed her for the article The Bold, Cheeky, and Frequently NSFW Art of Malika Favre and I was struck/inspired. For instance, when asked what inspires her these days, she replied:

I try to travel as much as possible and take lots of photographs of places I find interesting—my work uses a lot of strong light and strong shadows, and believe me you never see those in London, where it’s all quite flat and gray. So in order to feed my imagination, I need to go to places where you can see that, to see new things.

And when asked about her workday:

I’m very intense when I work. If I wasn’t myself, I would love to be able to work maybe four hours in the morning; then go for a nice lunch with someone I haven’t seen for a while and have a really great conversation; then maybe go see an exhibition, just to let my brain breathe; and then come back and work maybe two or three hours before finishing at seven. That would be my perfect day. But in reality I work about ten to twelve hours a day…I don’t know how to do it any other way. When I start drawing, I can’t stop.

Read the article and find more images on her website. She's also on Instagram.

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