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Grow My Pretties!: Gardening & Wellness

Gardening as/for wellness is something I've dabbled in here and there, mostly growing potted herbs (lemon thyme is the $h!X), but this season is my first growing from seeds. I started with sunflowers and they've recently bloomed. Naturally, I had to take a few baby photos of my new bundle of joy!


Health Benefits of Gardening

According to this UNC's article, titled 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Gardening, gardening builds self-esteem.

Maybe you don’t think you were born with a green thumb, but after tilling, planting, nurturing and harvesting plants, you might see a slightly different person in the mirror: a person who can grow things and is a little more in tune with the earth.

It always feels good to accomplish new tasks, and if you can grow a garden, what can’t you do?

Every Morning With Garden

Every morning I wake up, let my dog out in the backyard, and check on my garden of sunflowers, mint, herbs, cucumbers, corn, pumpkins, onions, and tons of flowers. And truth be told, seeing my plants grow every day gives me incredible joy.

I'm not a garden expert yet, but there's something miraculous about the process of growing something from seed to harvest. My little babies have some more growing to do, but I do enjoy my private moment every morning with my coffee, my dog, and my garden.

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