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"I Have No Life, But I Have a Routine"

A strong creative routine is my excuse for having no social life. And you know what? I'm perfectly content with that decision. #noregrets (sorta). Years ago, Colossal posted The Creative Routine of Creative People and I've been obsessed with the graphic ever since. It's neat to relate to other early-birds, in which my partner growls at my 4AM alarms.

The eternal struggle is admitting defeat to my day job. I gotta pay bills and that won't change anytime soon. No matter, here are a few boundaries I've laid out for myself to maximize my creative routine:

  • No emails/phone use/computer screens/tablets/texting during creative hours (4 - 6AM); disconnect and create

  • But yes to emails/phone use/computer screens/tablets/texting during business hours; get the business stuff done and over with

  • No emails/phone use/computer screens/tablets/texting during **reflective/snuggle time with my partner** (8pm - Zzzzzzz); disconnect and connect

  • But yes to maximizing creative opportunity during my weekends however I please; I typically plan out goals I want to accomplish

Sketch out your creative routine. Is it enough? Not enough? If the latter, how do you maximize your creative time? And this, my friend, might be the fork in the road: do you need to shorten social activities to free up your schedule? That's not to say cut out friends, families, or partners. It's just might require saying "Nah, I can't right now but what about..." more often. Not the end of the world, though, right?

Note: for those lucky few who can have a functional social life *and* time to create artwork, kiss. my. grits.





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