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Make Yourself Google-able With a Website

An artist without a website is like a farmer without a market. Farmers need to hustle their product, and so do you.

Regardless of your medium, showing your work online is exceptionally important to make yourself “Google-able” so that others might find you. In fact, I’ve been invited to literary opportunities solely based on an internet search. Furthermore, people are naturally curious and they want to know more about you. Make it easy for them by curating your own digital platform that **you** get to control. Now the tough part…

How Hard Is It To Build a Website?

That depends on your patience and how complex you want your website to be. For the novice website builder, it will take some time, but luckily there are automated templates built by actual professionals to support your web design needs.

HOT TIP: Make sure your website explains how people can connect with you, whether via email, social media, or phone.

Artist Trust recently hosted a webinar Tips for Your Artist Website and I encourage you to check out their other helpful tutorials on Youtube.

HOT TIP: Start simple by keeping your homepage minimalistic. Then add on over time. But treat it like exercise. For instance, work on your website 30 minutes twice a week.

Website Hosting Services

HOT TIP: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Draw inspiration from other artists, like my Seattle writer buddies Katie Ellison, Nia Dickens, Joyce Chen, Alex Gallo-Brown, & Paul Hlava Cabellos.


If you’re looking for serious wow factor, check out Material Design, a Google-sponsored tutorial about website design.

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