"Organized Chaos"

Without lists, calendars, and other written reminders, my brain implodes. I crave organization. Constantly. Otherwise, drifting and dawdling are the consequences.

When I played rugby, the messiness of the game was referred to as "organized chaos", meaning although there was lots of crashing between players on the pitch, there was organized intent. The crashing had to happen in order to stay organized (kinda like any creative project, huh?)

However, writing down reminders is just the first step, according to this article about the psychology of lists, written by Louise Chun of The Guardian:

It’s not enough to scrawl “bank” or “Mum” on a Post-it note, says Allen – you need more detail. Is it an email, a visit or a phone call, and for what purpose? If your to-do list isn’t clear and to the point, your tasks probably won’t get done – and they certainly won’t be prioritised. - Louise Chun

Depending on the project, sometimes I need to go ultra micro with my list making and be incredibly clear about my sub steps. Other times, broad is best (sometimes).

But as the title of post says, here's a glimpse of my organized chaos (including my Post-It pile in the photo above):

Halfway through my 29-Day Challenge. Wahoo!

Monthly Planning (how are we halfway through the month already!?)

55k Training Schedule (oh my)