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#PoemsofStrength: Shantell Jackson

FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES continues! Multidisciplinary artist Shantell Jackson shares a poem to advocate and fundraise for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Donate at ($10 suggested donation) and discover Shantell Jackson at


While visual arts has occupied much of Shantell's outward facing creative work she also writes and performs original poetry. Poetry has been foundational in her creative writing and process. Shantell works with a various mediums in her visual art process, with a focus on ink drawings. She also uses acrylic and watercolor paints to create vibrant paintings with visual and tactile textures. She also utilizes the digital art process in her visual arts practice, sometimes taking original pieces and digitizing them or creating digital illustrations. Shantell hopes to take all her disciplines to create installations and performance art pieces that explores the human condition contemporarily and historically, in order to create dialogue across difference, that will build bridges and forge acceptance, and healing. Instagram: ShantellReneJ Web:


Fight for Our Lives is a performance series advocating for communities targeted by divisive politics and systemic oppression (queer, trans, incarcerated, migrants, womxn, people of color). By showcasing local artists, writers, and performers, our series also benefits mission-driven nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to connect nonprofit opportunities to audiences and artists across the Puget Sound area. Fight for Our Lives is grassroots-led and time-limited until January 20, 2021—Inauguration Day.

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