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Problem Solving is Wellness

My hectic schedule distracts me from artistic work I'd rather do. I'm humbled I have a job during these (un)certain times. The counterweight, however, is art-making. Writing, specifically.

The more writing distances itself from me, the harder I have to work to reach it. Whether that's waking up earlier (before 5AM), saying no to more projects (which is getting to that point), or rearranging my schedule, something must change.

While I navigate through this process, one understanding I'd like to underscore is that problem solving is wellness. For several weeks, my wellness hasn't been up to par. Meditation isn't as frequent. Journalling has stalled. Friendships are silent. But I'm working on solutions. Patience is my next step (uggh).

If you're in a similar rut and figuring it out, don't forget to pat yourself on the back for solving the problem.

Problems require solutions, and I'm just in that weird place of waiting for my investment. In the meantime, tonight I'll enjoy the sunset as a reward for making it through the day.

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