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Seattle Area: Fight For Our Lives!

Please join me at a new performance series I'm co-wrangling benefiting local nonprofits. We have an outstanding line up of writers, artists, and performers, and our debut series is supporting trans and queer people.

What: Fight For Our Lives: A Night of Performance Benefiting Trans and Queer People

Where: Hugo House

When: Thurs, January 23, 2020, 7pm-10pm

What: $10 suggested donation

Facebook event here.

The backstory: Mid-2019, there was plenty to be fed up about with our current Administration. Migrants and their children were/are targeted, who are still imprisoned. Then, LGBTQ rights were/are on the brink of being stripped (and still are on chopping block). Reproductive rights were/are threatened. Then the Jewish community is intimidated and harmed. What came out of the ugliness seen on the news every night was the urgency to do something — anything! Thus, a co-collaboration with writer Ruth Joffre began. It's a thrill to work alongside Ruth as we do our part for social justice and communities targeted by the 2020 election. And what a proper start to Wellness-ish-ness (kinda, sorta, most times), a blog about artistic wellness. Fight. On. Every Day.

Our Mission

Fight for Our Lives is a performance series advocating for communities targeted by divisive politics and systemic oppression (queer, trans, incarcerated, migrants, women, people of color).

By showcasing local artists, writers, and performers, our series also benefits mission-driven nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to connect nonprofit opportunities to audiences and artists across the Puget Sound area.

Fight for Our Lives is grassroots-led and time-limited until January 20, 2021—Inauguration Day.

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