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Show Your Work With Timelines

My interest in digital storytelling stems from reading The New York Times's articles with animated effects and nifty scrolling techniques (like in this example detailing damage to Notre Dame in Paris). While my digital storytelling skills are amateur-ish, I’m learning about timelines, like in this example from Knight Lab:

What Can You Do With Timelines?

I have a few digital stories I’d like to create similar the articles by The New York Times. But before learning complex coding and programming (which I know nothing about), I‘m starting with small and simple tools. And Timeline by Knight Lab is the perfect start.

A Timeline For 'One Pima Pilgrim'

I’m revising a third draft of my memoir titled One Pima Pilgrim (read an excerpt published by The Seventh Wave), which is about me reckoning with my father’s death. I was curious about milestones I’ve crossed while writing my book, which started back in 2016, so I created this timeline of major events leading up to today. What a rollercoaster...

Tips, Tricks, & Thoughts

Creating this timeline required maybe 12-15 hours, so be patient. The instructions are easy to follow, and what helps is (1) having a Flickr or similar image hosting account, (2) knowing basic HTML color codes, and (3) having a digital story to share.

Key Takeaways

  • Timelines help visualize a sequence of events or steps

  • Timelines are a great alternative or accompaniment to text

  • Timelines summarize key details or events

Learn More

Make your own timeline, read The New York Times digital stories from 2019, and review other resources in the ‘Show Your Work’ category of Wellness-ish-ness.

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