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Stay Real: Wisdom from Musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland

I randomly stumbled on the article Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s Music for a Future That Never Came and found myself stunted by the electronic/folksy sound of Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Glenn-Copeland, a black transgender elder, mixes an array of musical styles. Some of his music is operatic, while other songs fall into the broad easy-relaxing genre or even electronic. What’s inspiring is his ability to cross whatever genre he desires. After doing some Google-stalking, I found this interview by Red Bull Music Academy. In Finding Your Creative Voice, Glenn-Copeland wisely shares:

“Write what your heart tells you to write and not what the society tells you is going to make you ‘famous.’ If what you feel happens to be what’s happening, if that’s really coming from your heart, then you go for it. If it’s not, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Stay with what your heart tells you to do.”

Glenn-Copeland’s music is considered ahead of his time, but what's timeless are these words:

“The most important thing is to stay real with who you are.”

Great advice for us hot messes.


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