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Step Forward, Introverts (Inch By Inch)

The destiny of the introverted artist is a mystery. And why is that? Because we can’t see you! Believe me because I’m introverted through and through.

What’s an Introvert?

An introvert is someone who is typically described (inaccurately) as shy or withdrawn. I read somewhere that it’s because introverted people recharge by isolating themselves.

Extroverts, on the other hand, are outgoing and recharge by being around other people. Envision an extrovert as loud, social, and popular (often inaccurate descriptions, too).

The Pains of Introverted Behavior

Since I’m an out-and-proud introvert, 99.8% of my creative work is done solo. Rarely will I collaborate with others unless it’s feedback-focused, like with my writing workshop group. While being introverted elevates my creativity, what suffers is sharing or talking about my work with other people because… involves people. Welp. Additionally, attention on myself is uncomfortable. I just don’t like talking about myself, which is not a great business practice, especially if I need to pitch a story or sell my work. So how do I get through my introvertedness?

Inch By Inch, Temporarily

I gotta step forward. An inch at a time. For instance:

  • In a classroom setting, I raise my hand (at least once)

  • If I admire a writer, I send them an admiration email (at least 1x a year)

  • If I’m attending a literary event, I introduce myself to another writer (at least one)

  • If an organization seeks volunteers for an event, I’ll go for it (at least one event per year)

Introverts Unite!

These are a few minuscule examples of how I step forward. I don’t need to make giant leaps. Instead, I think of them as caterpillar steps, one inch at a time, which makes the discomfort less aggravating.

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